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How do I (a student) get a password for e-resources access?2018-07-25T09:40:32+00:00

Please contact the nearest library or email ebenneutz@gmail.comor mbdebbie@gmail.comfor assistance.

What can you do with a library card?2018-07-25T09:14:15+00:00
  • Borrow books, movies, CDs/DVDs, audiobooks, magazines, digital titles, and other material from any of our libraries.
  • Use our collection of research databases from home, school, or work.
  • Place holds on material in our collection.
  • Access the Internet from any of our libraries.
Can I reserve a library material online and borrow it later?2018-07-24T01:57:21+00:00

Yes. Go to www.udslibrary.info

Where to search for library catalogue?2018-07-24T01:29:54+00:00

Go to www.udslibrary.info

What are electronic resources (e-resources)?2018-07-24T01:42:02+00:00

Electronic resources are information resources in electronic formats that support teaching, learning and research.

Who can use UDS Library’s e-resources?2018-07-24T01:47:37+00:00

Students, researchers, lecturers, staff and the entire members of the University community.

What e-resources does UDS Library have?2018-07-24T01:49:44+00:00

The UDS Library subscribes to a number of high class publishers which provides access to over 120,000 e-journals.

How can I have access to the Library’s e-journals?2018-07-24T02:00:12+00:00

You can access the library’s e-journals on campus through a campus internet connection (LAN or WiFi) or through the library’s off-campus portal.

Do I need username and password to access the e-resources?2018-07-25T09:08:25+00:00

Yes. A username and password are required for using the off-campus access portal, but not needed with an on-campus connection. If you’ve never had a username and password before, kindly contact the Library via ebenneutz@gmail.comor mbdebbie@gmail.com

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